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WA Voodoo 2021-22 Tryout Information

Whitney Ferguson

June 7, 2021

WA Voodoo is looking to add 2-3 strong athletic players to our roster for the 2021-22 season.

Voodoo is an 18 Gold team that travels nationally for both exposure and competition. We are recognized around the country, and our long-standing relationships offer us great tournament placement and exposure.

Team culture is of the utmost importance! If you are dedicated to softball, want to compete on the national level, love to work hard, practice hard, and play a lot, this may be the team for you.

While Covid-19 impacted everyone, we adjusted our plans and did everything we could to keep playing and improving. Our 2021-22 season tournaments will vary but will offer a similar caliber to past years. For reference, check out our schedule from this year:

If you think you have what is takes to travel and compete with the best, Coach Clint wants to hear from you! Please call Clint at 425-890-6457 or email

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